What is an iBBA?

The iBBA program is geared to produce future managers of an excellent quality. Graduates in all fields these days need to be equipped with a competitive advantage in the job market over people with more experience. The market is saturated and the search for jobs and it can be very difficult for graduates who are going up against thousands of other candidates with nearly the same knowledge. Therefore, we put a major emphasis on what isn’t being taught in other business schools and what skills will give our students the practical edge to stand out from the crowd. We focus heavily on technology, especially disruptive trends as our students will be the first generation trained in these areas.

Purchasing and logistics Course duration:16hrs
Spanish Course duration: 36hrs
Sales and Distribution Course duration: 24hrs
Company Communication Course duration: 20hrs
Political Sciences Course duration: 16hrs
Law Course duration: 20hrs
Economics Course duration: 20hrs
Finance Course duration: 32hrs
Management Course duration: 20hrs
Marketing Course duration: 24hrs
International Trade Course duration: 40hrs
Corporate Strategy Course duration: 20hrs
Speciality Course duration: 40hrs